The Many Sources of Resveratrol

Resveratrol in Red Wine: The Only French Connection?

French Woman
French Woman

When red wine was discovered to be the long-hoped for answer to the French Paradox, we all were thrilled. Those French people had too long held the secret to their health and beauty despite their high-fat diet, wine and cigarette consumption.

The anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of resveratrol in red wine have been widely heralded, but is the alcohol involved with the daily consumption of red wine the best way to experience these miraculous benefits?

What about other sources?

Grapes as the Only Source of Resveratrol is a Misconception

The majority of people who know anything at all about resveratrol think it is just an ingredient in red wine.

This is probably because of the media attention to the Harvard research about the low rate of heart attacks in France despite their rich diet, cigarette and wine consumption. Oprah and 60 Minutes have both covered the resveratrol phenomena.

When resveratrol is the subject of shows or ads for any kind of resveratrol supplements, the imagery is always grapes or wine. Even online articles discussing resveratrol use these familiar vineyard images.

This illustrates the fact that people still do think that resveratrol only is found in vineyard grapes and red wine.

The truth is that the following foods and plants also contain resveratrol:

Variety of Fruit
Eat a Variety of Fruit

It would appear that you can maximize your intake of resveratrol by eating a wide variety of foods, specifically dark berries and nuts. But can you really eat as much food as it would take to consume the highest amount of resveratrol that your body can use?

Unfortunately the answer is no, unless every day you can eat several pounds of fruit and nuts and wash it down with a couple bottles of wine. Or perhaps you could just eat a whole Christmas tree.

There is a better solution.

Resveratrol in Supplements

The many benefits of Resveratrol can be obtained from many different commercially available supplements, too.

Most of these are primarily derived from Japanese Knotweed. There is plenty of it to be found, it’s easy to extract, and it’s cheap!

Those uncomfortable with alcohol consumption and its inherent risks find this formulation more suitable.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a short review of two of the most popular resveratrol supplements online. Check out this post on the best resveratrol products.


What is important is that resveratrol has been discovered and its potential benefits have not yet been fully explored.

Even if people still do not know all of the sources available, as supplements have become available and affordable, everyone has access to resveratrol benefits!

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