Resveratrol Still Fighting Prostate Cancer

Resveratrol Can Help Fight Prostate Cancer

Resveratrol ManA study at the university of Alabama with lab mice showed that Resveratrol (a polyphenol that can be found in plants and particularly grapes) can help slow the development of prostate tumors which ultimately lead to prostate cancer.

The mice were bred to develop prostate tumors then half were subjected to a diet with small dose of Resveratrol while the control group got a standard diet with no special additives. The experiment quickly yielded the results that the mice with the Resveratrol diet were up to 8 times less likely to develop differentiated prostatic tumors (the largest tumors with the highest risk of spreading.)

How It Works

Resveratrol fed mice showed that Resveratrol slowed the cell division within the tumors and thus inhibiting the growth and spread of the tumor. Resveratrol fights cancer by regulating the sex steroid receptor and growth factor signaling pathways.

Furthermore, Resveratrol increases androgen receptors (a key component in maintaining the male sexual phenotype), and Insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (a receptor that plays an important role in growth of muscle cells and regulation of body mass).

Aside from these changes, Resveratrol did not do anything to harm the homeostasis of the prostate making it one of the less invasive solutions for fighting cancer (however Resveratrol does not cure prostate cancer, it only helps prevent and slow the progression of said cancer.)

Other Benefits

Resveratrol has also been proven to have the ability to destroy cancer cells. The anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory actions of Resveratrol also help fight off infections and other illnesses that can occur from having tumors and cancer cells growing and dying sporadically.

Resveratrol is a “chemopreventive” supplement that prevents damage to DNA and destroys cancer cells from the earliest stages to the very last moments when it is crucial; this means that Resveratrol will help stop prostate cancer from reoccurring in previous cases as well as preventing the tumors from becoming cancers.

As I stated above, Resveratrol is cell friendly and does not harm healthy cells and may in fact result in cardiovascular benefits aside from its powerful cancer fighting abilities.

The Verdict

Resveratrol has been proven to help aid in the prevention and fighting of prostate tumors and cancer.

The tumor fighting power of Resveratrol is unmatched due to its low invasiveness and other substantial benefits. Resveratrol is even recommended by doctors as a method to help prevent the beginnings of prostate cancer in people with the possibility of developing the cancer later on.

Aside from the study at the University of Alabama, there have been many studies done on the effects of Resveratrol on cancer and all the studies have shown similar results with Resveratrol as a powerful force against prostate cancer.

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