Resveratrol Life Extension

Resveratrol Theorized to Extend Lifespan in Humans

If the promise of resveratrol holds true, it could change the average lifespan of humans as we know it. Showing incredible promise in the areas of anti-aging, disease prevention and general wellness, it may well be the drug that changes the field of health care.

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The Longevity Gene

Resveratrol’s promise for life extension started with a Harvard research that showed its ability to activate the “longevity gene” in yeast, allowing it to survive longer with the aid of the substance. Further research into the drug’s effects point towards the likelihood that it similarly interacts with the “longevity gene” in humans, leading to untold benefits in the prevention, treatment and reversal of various diseases.

Not The Fountain Of Youth

Unlike many suspect products over the centuries, resveratrol does not promise the fountain of youth. It won’t magically turn a 70 year old woman into a youth of 25. What it may be able to do, however, is keep you in the pink of health, even with advancing years.

Resveratrol promotes life extension by a variety of effects, including an increase in healthy cell production and the promotion of various body processes that help prevent the development of many diseases. If proven effective, it may prove a significant deterrent in the formation of cardiovascular problems, diabetes, certain types of cancers, obesity and neuro-degenerative diseases, allowing people to live longer with full use of their faculties.

Calorie Restriction

Scientists liken the effect of resveratrol on life extension to the benefits of calorie restriction, which is said to prolong life in remarkable ways. Instead of forcing you on a diet for the rest of your life, though, you can live as normally as you do, while enjoying the same benefits.

To date, many people are already embracing resveratrol in supplement form, while we wait for stronger pharmaceutical-grade products to pass their necessary stages. With current research showing nothing but positive signs for its future, we may well enjoy lives well beyond our parents have been able to.

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