Resveratrol, is it a Food or a Drug?

Does the FDA Classify Resveratrol as a Food or Drug?

Purple GrapesIn the present times, everyone seems to leading such a hectic life style that there is hardly enough time to have a proper diet. In our mad rush to finish the day’s list of assignments, food is given the least priority, which in fact should be heading the list.

Consequently, the health suffers and then the damage control act begins. The money that we earn is fundamentally to be able to eat three square meals a day, well-balanced and nutritious, but ironically, we do not seem to be doing that.

The Need for Dietary Supplements

Since we are eating whatever we come across owing to our busy schedule, we are not getting adequate nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential to maintain overall good health. As a result, we have to take refuge in dietary supplements to compensate for the loss.

Whether you choose to call them as food or drug, the fact remains that they supply all those important nutrients which your body needs in order to remain healthy.

Owing to their constituents and disease preventing abilities, Resveratrol supplements could be easily classified as a food supplement.

Resveratrol can be had in any form that is as a pill, powder, capsule or liquid. But please remember not to have it in place of food but along with your food if your diet lacks basic nutrients needed for the body.

The Role of FDA with Regard to Food Supplements

A number of people are under this notion that food supplements fall under government regulation and are perfectly safe and useful, which is not true.

FDA has not been vested with unlimited powers by DSHEA to regulate food supplements. The FDA is empowered to direct pharmaceutical companies to declare the goodness and efficacy of their products to consumers.

In reality, they could take stringent measures against makers of such products after they were found to be doing more harm than good.

Thankfully, food supplements are now controlled by law with the intervention of DSHEA, as Americans were keen that all such supplements were OKed by the FDA and also that manufacturers were sincere in their claims on the labels of their products.

Importance of Labeling

If the product has to be declared as a food supplement, the labeling must says so by adhering to the stipulations issued by the DSHEA.

The labeling will comprise the product label as also such items which are used to promote the sale of the product in the market.

Resveratrol products have been found to be totally harmless and free from toxins from all points of view, which can be safely sold across the counter without a physician’s prescription. All food supplements are supposed to make good the shortcomings in our regular diet and make sure that we do not fall prey to any major illness.

In short, resveratrol supplements are expected to promote good health at all times.

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