Resveratrol Cures Biopolar Disorder

Resveratrol Cures Woman with Bipolar Disorder

Resveratrol and Bipolar Disorder
Resveratrol and Bipolar

I recently came across a stirring testimonial written by a woman suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

In the ten years since she had been officially diagnosed with the disorder, she had suffered through frustrating episodes of hypomania and depression.

The disorder was a devastating affliction that caused her to subsequently drop out of college and change jobs, all in a very short period.

Traditional Medical Treatments

In an effort to alleviate herself of this crippling disorder, she sought professional help in the form of traditional medicine.

She was treated with conventional drugs and therapies, which often provided dismal results and all too often came with a good dose of nasty side effects.

Alternative Cures

Having given up on finding help in conventional medicine, she began searching for alternative cures. She looked into the bio-psychology of her condition, looking to find out more of what was causing her condition. She began altering her diet and found that she improved when her diet contained supplements high in gluten.

After coming across research touting the age prolonging and health benefit properties of Resveratrol, she began adding 100mg of the supplement to her daily nutritional routine.

Although at first she did not notice any immediate results due to the gradual nature of the supplements effects, over time she began to notice a healthier state of mind, a calmness and fitness of being, and a lifting of the veil placed over her by her Bipolar Disorder.

Her friends noted that she seemed more mature and happily pointed out the progress that she had made.

Resveratrol Worked!

Further research into the subject led her to contact a scientist who explained to her that her condition was due to a malady with her brain cell metabolism. Her research into Resveratrol revealed to her that the supplement acts to improve mitochondrial function and to shield her from metabolic disease.

She found tests in which Resveratrol was able to inhibit excitory transmissions of a synaptic nature, one of the causes of abnormal brain function. She learned that it worked by suppressing the effects of glutamate induced brain transmissions.

With this knowledge now in hand, the woman felt confident that Resveratrol had worked for her, and was confident that she was fully alleviated from her Bipolar Disorder.

If you need more proof, read this story about Christian Bonanno, a man with bipolar disorder who finally has hope now that he is treating his disease with resveratrol.

If you have bipolar disorder, you need to click here to try resveratrol today.


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