Resveratrol Benefits

Resveratrol Benefits
Resveratrol Benefits

Benefits Of Resveratrol

Resveratrol is deservedly being touted as the next big wonder drug, able to foster health benefits that defy conventional supplementation.

Research on the phytoalexin substance, of course, is still young but everything found so far has been nothing short of amazing – the benefits of resveratrol are simply unprecedented and every new finding simply serves to invigorate its wondrous claims.

The Research Into Resveratrol’s Benefits

The benefits of resveratrol first came into prominence during the 1990s as people pondered on the French people’s high fat diet and more pronounced smoking habit, yet unusually lower incidences of heart disease.

With red wine being a staple in daily French consumption, people began looking to the drink as a possible explanation.

As it turns out, resveratrol is present in the wine, as well as the grapes from where it is sourced.

According to current research, however, the levels found in a typical bottle of red wine will require people to drink hundreds of bottles per day to get enough resveratrol in their systems as was used in laboratory experiments to facilitate the cardiovascular benefits.

Resveratrol – No Longer A Mystery

While the French paradox remains a mystery, the cardiovascular benefits of resveratrol has become clearer.

Subjects put through a high-fat diet, along with high doses of resveratrol, were shown to be at less risk of developing heart diseases (as evidenced by lowered insulin levels, inflammation and blood clotting) than even those who go on a normal diet without the resveratrol supplementation.

Resveratrol Benefits More Than The Heart

With further testing, the benefits of resveratrol have been shown to go beyond the confines of cardiovascular health.

One study, for instance, found that subjects fed a diet comprised of 60% fat, along with 22mg/kg of resveratrol, had a 30% longer life expectancy than those who didn’t supplement with the substance.

Additional benefits of resveratrol shown during tests include:

As the research into this amazing substance furthers, the more we can look forward to the amazing benefits of resveratrol in many aspects of our health and wellness.

The news gets even better, though – we can all partake in these benefits today, with healthy doses of the substance available in an easily accessible form like Pure Resv supplements.

What are you waiting for?

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