Resveratrol Helps Prevent Heart Disease

Resveratrol Helps Prevent Heart Disease

Blame the French paradox. You know, that observation that the seemingly high-fat diet (not to mention, heavy smoking) among the French yielded little in the way of incidents of heart disease. Resveratrol BenefitsBy all accounts, the kind of food in the amounts they consumed should turn up more cases of heart problems, yet the opposite was true.

Early research into that odd contradiction allowed scientists to discover a substance in red wine (another French diet staple) called resveratrol which, if the current theories prove correct, could be the single most significant substance available in the prevention of heart disease.

Not that it completely explained red wine’s heart-protecting effects – in fact, research numbers indicate that the French will have to drink as many as 600 bottles of red wine per day in order to enjoy the amount of resveratrol believed to be necessary to negate the effects of high fat consumption.

Resveratrol And High Fat Diets

When put through diets comprised of 60% fat and a healthy of helping of resveratrol, animal subjects surprisingly exhibited little propensity for developing heart disease – highly unusual for such levels of food intake. In fact, compared with subjects who ate regular meals without the supplementation, they measured in at lower risk levels.

Cardovascular Diseases

Problems with the heart and blood circulatory system continue to increase worldwide, making proper diet and exercise a necessity for most everyone. If future studies are able to verify present indications that resveratrol helps prevent heart disease, the chemical just might improve the quality of life in unprecedented ways.

What Resveratrol Does

Resveratrol helps prevent heart disease by keeping away damage to blood vessels, reducing the presence of bad cholesterol, preventing blood clots and reversing the results of high-cholesterol consumption. Furthermore, lab testing has found that it protects subjects from diseases such as diabetes and obesity, two major risk factors for heart disease.

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