Resveratrol and Skin Cancer

An Introduction To Skin Cancer

Resveratrol and Skin Cancer
Resveratrol & Skin Cancer

Scores of people flock to the seaside each summer to enjoy the beaches in warm, sunny climate although several studies warn about the adverse effects of the sun on skin health.

Researchers have always been searching for methods to help the skin battle the harmful consequences of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, especially the UVB component that leads to skin cancer.

In terms of percentage of newly diagnosed cancers globally, skin cancer accounts for almost 30 percent and radiation from the sun accounts for nearly ninety percent of all skin cancers.

There are ways to help prevent and treat skin cancer. By using high SPF sunblock and treating your skin with a resveratrol cream such as ResVibrant, you can help to keep your skin young, healthy, and cancer free.

Resveratrol Cream As A Preventive Option

A research study was carried out at the University of Wisconsin to examine whether treatment by resveratrol cream, an antioxidant that exists in grape skins and red wine, was helpful in treating skin damage resulting from exposure to UVB rays.

The risk of developing skin cancer will be more if the skin is repeatedly exposed to UVB radiation, which prompted the researchers to test a topical cream that contains resveratrol as an active ingredient.

This cream was applied on the skin of SKH-1 hairless mice that were exposed to UVB rays for seven days in a row. The cream was used on their skin thirty minutes before UVB exposure.

They did a second test too, in which the cream was applied five minutes after the exposure.

The conclusions of these tests displayed a noticeable decrease in the progress of tumors when resveratrol cream was used both before and after exposure to UVB radiation.

Types of Skin Cancer

Skin Cancers
How to tell the difference between skin cancer and moles.

Results Of The Research Study

The research team examined how resveratrol had an effect on survivin, which is a molecule found in human cancers.

This molecule controls division of cells, and forms a part of the inhibitor of apoptosis family. Survivin exists in human cancer cells but not in normal cells, and is targeted in a number of anti-cancer therapies.

This study indicated that, following a treatment with resveratrol, the levels of survivin protein expression is reduced by a significant amount.

Resveratrol cream displayed the ability to protect the skin from UVB damage by causing the cancer cells to destroy themselves. It also helped to stop an increase in the thickness of skin caused by UVB radiation.

How You Can Benefit From Resveratrol Cream

Resvibrant Skin Cream
ResVibrant Skin Cream

Celebrities stay young and beautiful simply because they have access to more information about what works – not just by buying expensive makeup. By staying on top of the “beauty buzz”, Hollywood stars are able to age gracefully and look their best – including keeping that beautiful face smooth and glowing for the cameras.

How do you think they do that?

On screen, it’s easy to apply coats of makeup to mask lines, spots, and wrinkles, but celebrities also know they have to work to keep their skin healthy – without lots of surgery. By drinking water, eating well, avoiding smoking, using the right products to firm and tone skin, and by protecting their skin from sun damage, they can maintain healthy skin for a long period of time.

How many celebrities do you know who suffer from facial skin cancer? Right.

You too can treat wrinkles before they emerge and help protect your face from skin cancer without Botox, surgery, painful injections, or a doctor’s prescription by using a product like ResVibrant Skin Cream.

Click here to get ResVibrant resveratrol cream and help protect your skin from cancer and aging.

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