Resveratrol and Older Women

This guest post was written by my Grandma Eleanor. As a self-proclaimed ‘senior woman’, Grandma takes pretty good care of herself. She uses regular vitamins and anti-oxidants to keep herself young and spry. She doesn’t write regularly for any blogs, but was so impressed by resveratrol that she decided to whip up a piece for Resveratrol Site.

Resveratrol is a Good Choice for Older Women


I became interested in resveratrol when I heard that it is an effective ant-aging, muscle building treatment that leads to increased endurance.

As a senior woman (I admit to being post-menopausal, but that’s all I’m telling), I have my share of health concerns and the last thing I need is to grow weaker.

Too many women my age have poor balance, weakness, and limited endurance. If you feel like me then you should definitely read on and pay attention. For those with Osteoporosis, please read a very helpful post my grand daughter wrote on Resveratrol and Osteoporosis.

I have only to walk down to the mailroom in my apartment building to see women who look great till they try to move fast, lift a package or carry a package up one flight of stairs.

I grant you, some of these gals are playing games, trying to get a man to carry the package, but most of them simply show the effects of not taking care of themselves.

The Key Was Choosing Movements That Work For Me

Now you know and I know that a pill alone won’t get us into shape, but anti-oxidants, like those in reveratrol, are known to help when we do our share to be stronger. Just a fifteen minute walk every day can contribute to stronger bones and better balance – and adding resveratrol to the mix gets those muscle-recovery anti-oxidant benefits working for us.

And that 15 minute walk is a stretch for some people who have been neglecting exercise, or as I like to think of it, healthy movement. I’m no marathoner, but I’ve found ways to get a little exercise without making myself crazy and I think that resveratrol can have a multiplier effect on those benefits that come from exercise.

Here’s How I Do It

In my building, walking up one flight of stairs in the north stairwell, the walking to the south stairwell and up another flight is a good way to build endurance, and resveratrol can help in that effort.

There was a time I’d get winded walking up one flight, but the effect of resveratrol on endurance is really amazing. These days, I’m going from the 2nd to the 12th floor in just over 10 minutes – that’s 10 flights of stairs. And the 10 jaunts from the north to the south stairwell add up to 1/2 mile. I’m breathing deeply, but not panting at the end of it.

Figure Out What Works For You And Do It

Everybody’s situation is different. Finding the best fit in terms of healthy movement, and the best supplements to support that energy expenditure is worth some thought and effort.

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