Resveratrol and Older Women

This guest post was written by my Grandma Eleanor. As a self-proclaimed ‘senior woman’, Grandma takes pretty good care of herself. She uses regular vitamins and anti-oxidants to keep herself young and spry. She doesn’t write regularly for any blogs, but was so impressed by resveratrol that she decided to whip up a piece for Resveratrol Site.

Resveratrol is a Good Choice for Older Women


I became interested in resveratrol when I heard that it is an effective ant-aging, muscle building treatment that leads to increased endurance.

As a senior woman (I admit to being post-menopausal, but that’s all I’m telling), I have my share of health concerns and the last thing I need is to grow weaker.

Too many women my age have poor balance, weakness, and limited endurance. If you feel like me then you should definitely read on and pay attention. For those with Osteoporosis, please read a very helpful post my grand daughter wrote on Resveratrol and Osteoporosis.

I have only to walk down to the mailroom in my apartment building to see women who look great till they try to move fast, lift a package or carry a package up one flight of stairs.

I grant you, some of these gals are playing games, trying to get a man to carry the package, but most of them simply show the effects of not taking care of themselves.

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Getting Resveratrol from Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements

Perhaps you’ve heard Dr. Oz talk about resveratrol on the Oprah show and you wondered if it really lives up to its hype.

Fads come and go and you’re right to be skeptical of products that sound too good to be true.

Benefits of Resveratrol

Resveratrol helps prevent heart disease by reducing “bad” cholesterol, reducing damage to blood vessels, and preventing blood clots.

Research in mice given resveratrol has indicated that the antioxidant might also help protect them from obesity and diabetes.

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Resveratrol and Pregnancy

Resveratrol Supplements: Safe for Pregnant Women?

Resveratrol and Pregnancy
Resveratrol and Pregnancy

In recent years, a substance called resveratrol has received increased amounts of media attention. Along the way, the question of whether resveratrol supplements should be taken by pregnant women has surfaced.

First, some background: Resveratrol, found in great concentration in the skin of red grapes, has been touted by many as being a strong antioxidant.

The theory is that it can slow damage to the body, particularly heart disease, by combating free radicals and other unhealthy bodily substances.

Most people ingest the majority of their resveratrol consumption through drinking red wine.

However, since the amount of wine consumption required to reach even 20 milligrams of resveratrol is prohibitive, many people are turning to supplements to achieve the desired dosage.

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Looking for Resveritol?

If you were searching for Resveritol, you probably meant Resveratrol; that is a common spelling error. To find out more about Resveratrol, please read on.

What is Resveritol?

Resveratrol is the molecule produced by certain plants to naturally fight bacteria and fungi. In studies, it seems to be a promising natural discovery. Full of antioxidants and other great healthy nutrients, Resveratrol is quickly becoming one of the more popular health supplements on the market.

Not specifically used for muscle gain or fat loss, resveratrol is known for its anti-aging and cancer fighting properties. This is a supplement you can take for the rest of your life in order to help preserve the vitality of your youth.

Find out more by checking out some of these popular posts:

Resveritol has had the following amazing benefits in studies using mice and rats:

Thankfully, you found Resveratrol Site in your search for Resveritol. I have tried to clear up any confusion you had about the term Resveritol. You should bookmark this site for the future, and return frequently to learn how to keep yourself healthy and young with Resveratrol, a healthy diet, and resistance training.

Resveratrol Misspellings

Resveratrol and Skin Cancer

An Introduction To Skin Cancer

Resveratrol and Skin Cancer
Resveratrol & Skin Cancer

Scores of people flock to the seaside each summer to enjoy the beaches in warm, sunny climate although several studies warn about the adverse effects of the sun on skin health.

Researchers have always been searching for methods to help the skin battle the harmful consequences of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, especially the UVB component that leads to skin cancer.

In terms of percentage of newly diagnosed cancers globally, skin cancer accounts for almost 30 percent and radiation from the sun accounts for nearly ninety percent of all skin cancers.

There are ways to help prevent and treat skin cancer. By using high SPF sunblock and treating your skin with a resveratrol cream such as ResVibrant, you can help to keep your skin young, healthy, and cancer free.

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Resveratrol, is it a Food or a Drug?

Does the FDA Classify Resveratrol as a Food or Drug?

Purple GrapesIn the present times, everyone seems to leading such a hectic life style that there is hardly enough time to have a proper diet. In our mad rush to finish the day’s list of assignments, food is given the least priority, which in fact should be heading the list.

Consequently, the health suffers and then the damage control act begins. The money that we earn is fundamentally to be able to eat three square meals a day, well-balanced and nutritious, but ironically, we do not seem to be doing that.

The Need for Dietary Supplements

Since we are eating whatever we come across owing to our busy schedule, we are not getting adequate nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential to maintain overall good health. As a result, we have to take refuge in dietary supplements to compensate for the loss.

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Resveratrol Cures Biopolar Disorder

Resveratrol Cures Woman with Bipolar Disorder

Resveratrol and Bipolar Disorder
Resveratrol and Bipolar

I recently came across a stirring testimonial written by a woman suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

In the ten years since she had been officially diagnosed with the disorder, she had suffered through frustrating episodes of hypomania and depression.

The disorder was a devastating affliction that caused her to subsequently drop out of college and change jobs, all in a very short period.

Traditional Medical Treatments

In an effort to alleviate herself of this crippling disorder, she sought professional help in the form of traditional medicine.

She was treated with conventional drugs and therapies, which often provided dismal results and all too often came with a good dose of nasty side effects.

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Resveratrol Still Fighting Prostate Cancer

Resveratrol Can Help Fight Prostate Cancer

Resveratrol ManA study at the university of Alabama with lab mice showed that Resveratrol (a polyphenol that can be found in plants and particularly grapes) can help slow the development of prostate tumors which ultimately lead to prostate cancer.

The mice were bred to develop prostate tumors then half were subjected to a diet with small dose of Resveratrol while the control group got a standard diet with no special additives. The experiment quickly yielded the results that the mice with the Resveratrol diet were up to 8 times less likely to develop differentiated prostatic tumors (the largest tumors with the highest risk of spreading.)

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Resveratrol and Osteoporosis

Resveratrol Suspected to be an Effective Treatment for Osteoporosis

Resveratrol Osteoporosis
Resveratrol and Osteoporosis

How many times have you been told that if you want to be healthy you need to eat your fruits and vegetables? Bring on the broccoli and acai fruit!

Whether the advice comes from a health professional, your parents, or your spouse, there is significant evidence to support the claim that people who consume more of these foods are less prone to disease.

One of the reasons, as discussed in May’s Juvenon Health Journal, may be a substance called resveratrol. Many plants such as grapes and other red berries, contain beneficial concentrations of the nutrient.

The natural curative, resveratrol, is now suspected to be a powerful treatment for osteoporosis, though its healthful effects for other conditions have been known for some time. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant with a variety of powerful health benefits.

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Resveratrol Mimics Calorie Restriction

Using Resveratrol to Mimic Calorie Restriction

Resveratrol Calorie Restriction
Resveratrol Calorie Restriction

One of the main benefits of Resveratrol is its ability to duplicate the physiological reactions that occur when we are following a diet that is restricted in calories.

Taking a resveratrol supplement offers the same benefits as a low calorie diet, without feeling sever hunger.

In recent laboratory studies, reducing the number of calories administered to lab animals seems to have extended their life span as well as slowed down age related illnesses like cancer, heart problems and insulin related deficiencies.


Conclusions drawn as a result of some recent studies on calorie restriction suggest that calorie restriction has been a direct factor in increasing life span.

In these studies, calories were reduced but the nutritional value of the food was not taken away. The quality of the nutrients in the food was never compromised.

The noticeable benefits were a reduction in common illnesses that go along with the aging process, like high blood pressure, diabetes and mental illness.

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