Cancer: A One Way Trip to Heaven

Stay on Earth Longer with a Healthy Diet

Trip to Heaven
A Trip to Heaven

Cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases in existence since the 1950′s. One out of every four deaths is caused by the cancer in United States, but still people are not conscious about their health and not taking steps to avoid cancer.

Cancer has a tendency to attack any human irrespective of sex, though sometimes in different ways. There are various types of cancer reported ever since like skin cancer and lung cancer in both sexes, and breast cancer in women and prostrate cancer in men.

To prevent and get rid of cancer one should eat healthy, vitamin and antioxidant rich food, while maintaining a fit body.

The Facts About Cancer and Obesity

All the people are following diets to keep themselves thin and fit. Fitness means not only a trim body but also a body with great health.

The studies on cancer say that the men who are overweight develop the very low risk of dying from cancer than thin men, but this doesn’t mean we should overeat and keep our BMI ratings high. We should get advice from the doctors or the nutritionist to make our body fit but at the same time to gain survival strength.

Weight and Fitness

I feel women like us tend to run here and there while working at home, and this may help us to keep our body fit. Men are basically doing the work sitting at one place, be it at a desk, a cubical, or working from home themselves. This is the reason why middle aged men often become obese.

It becomes necessary then for one to posses a fit body with good strength to decrease the risk of of cancer. This is not to say a man should become a body builder, just walk for at least 30 minutes.

Men should also possess a healthy body weight and he should keep an eye on the exercises he uses. Those exercises should help him to keep his body fit but not to bring down his weight below the healthy weight.

Steps to Get and Stay Healthy

Men should regularly go for health check ups. Taking the advice of the doctor to avoid the cancer must be followed without any hesitation.

In this busy life, some men even don’t find time to walk for 30 minutes. These people can do some walking in their regular schedule like using the stairs instead of lift, pass the file by themselves instead of calling the peon, etc.

Men should eat vitamin rich food as well as foods full of antioxidants like Resveratrol. See how it all fits together? The major thing to be followed is living happy.

Happiness is good medicine for any disease.

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