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Resveratrol Diet

Resveratrol Diet Resveratrol Diet Wouldn’t you be happy to walk on the beach with your shirt off, or dressed in a bikini? Most people would love to have the freedom allowed by positive self confidence and high self esteem. Unfortunately, weight gain is one of modern society’s biggest problems. More than the unsightly appearance of [...]

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Resveratrol Life Extension

Resveratrol Theorized to Extend Lifespan in Humans If the promise of resveratrol holds true, it could change the average lifespan of humans as we know it. Showing incredible promise in the areas of anti-aging, disease prevention and general wellness, it may well be the drug that changes the field of health care. The Longevity Gene [...]

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Resveratrol Helps Prevent Heart Disease

Resveratrol Helps Prevent Heart Disease Blame the French paradox. You know, that observation that the seemingly high-fat diet (not to mention, heavy smoking) among the French yielded little in the way of incidents of heart disease. By all accounts, the kind of food in the amounts they consumed should turn up more cases of heart [...]

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