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Resveratrol Increases Cognitive Performance

Resveratrol Increases Cognitive Performance: It Can Help You Think! Congitive Performance A human body normally loses its capacity to combat any attacks either internal or external. More than a physical deterioration, the commanding force – the brain – loses its processing capability as increases. Researchers have always been on the run to explore new methods [...]

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Healthy Living with Resveratrol and Exercise

Healthy Living is Worth The Work Healthy Living Every one of us has faced the dilemma of wanting to be shapelier, sexier, a hard body, or just like one of the glamorous beauties we see daily on the big screen and television shows. How do they do it? It certainly is not achieved through little [...]

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Resveratrol and Older Women

This guest post was written by my Grandma Eleanor. As a self-proclaimed ‘senior woman’, Grandma takes pretty good care of herself. She uses regular vitamins and anti-oxidants to keep herself young and spry. She doesn’t write regularly for any blogs, but was so impressed by resveratrol that she decided to whip up a piece for [...]

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Getting Resveratrol from Nutritional Supplements

Perhaps you’ve heard Dr. Oz talk about resveratrol on the Oprah show and you wondered if it really lives up to its hype. Fads come and go and you’re right to be skeptical of products that sound too good to be true. Benefits of Resveratrol Resveratrol helps prevent heart disease by reducing “bad” cholesterol, reducing [...]

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Resveratrol and Pregnancy

Resveratrol Supplements: Safe for Pregnant Women? Resveratrol and Pregnancy In recent years, a substance called resveratrol has received increased amounts of media attention. Along the way, the question of whether resveratrol supplements should be taken by pregnant women has surfaced. First, some background: Resveratrol, found in great concentration in the skin of red grapes, has [...]

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Looking for Resveritol? If you were searching for Resveritol, you probably meant Resveratrol; that is a common spelling error. To find out more about Resveratrol, please read on. What is Resveritol? Resveratrol is the molecule produced by certain plants to naturally fight bacteria and fungi. In studies, it seems to be a promising natural discovery. [...]

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Resveratrol and Skin Cancer

An Introduction To Skin Cancer Resveratrol & Skin Cancer Scores of people flock to the seaside each summer to enjoy the beaches in warm, sunny climate although several studies warn about the adverse effects of the sun on skin health. Researchers have always been searching for methods to help the skin battle the harmful consequences [...]

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Resveratrol, is it a Food or a Drug?

Does the FDA Classify Resveratrol as a Food or Drug? In the present times, everyone seems to leading such a hectic life style that there is hardly enough time to have a proper diet. In our mad rush to finish the day’s list of assignments, food is given the least priority, which in fact should [...]

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Resveratrol Cures Biopolar Disorder

Resveratrol Cures Woman with Bipolar Disorder Resveratrol and Bipolar I recently came across a stirring testimonial written by a woman suffering from Bipolar Disorder. In the ten years since she had been officially diagnosed with the disorder, she had suffered through frustrating episodes of hypomania and depression. The disorder was a devastating affliction that caused [...]

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Resveratrol Still Fighting Prostate Cancer

Resveratrol Can Help Fight Prostate Cancer A study at the university of Alabama with lab mice showed that Resveratrol (a polyphenol that can be found in plants and particularly grapes) can help slow the development of prostate tumors which ultimately lead to prostate cancer. The mice were bred to develop prostate tumors then half were [...]

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